Simply type your text into the blank field; the total number of words will increase as you type. Otherwise, simply copy the text and paste it into the empty space; the total number of words will be displayed.

Add relevant examples, interesting facts, and quotations to further explain your points. Do not use redundant words and phrases to increase the word count.

The consistent use of active voice helps to reduce the overall word count of your document. Make short sentences and avoid using unnecessary words.

It depends on the font size and the number of spaces. In most cases, two pages contain 1000 words.

Four pages should be enough to cover 2000 words if you use a font size of 12 pt and add single spaces.

Copy the text of your assignment and paste it into our word-counter tool. That’s all you need to do to see the actual word count of your document

It’s 100% safe and secure to use the word-counter.io tool. We never save the text that you paste into our website to check the word count.