Top 7 Most Famous English Authors and Their Word Count Goals


Saturday, 9 April 2022

To get experience in your field and make yourself a professional, you all need a mentor who can direct you to the right path. Writers always need guidance that can help them to write something aspiring for the readers and make the content engaging. For it, they get ideas from other authors and try to capture their style. This factor supports them in grooming themselves.

But the matter is how you can find a professional writer on the internet. Sometimes you don’t have an idea that the article published by Michal is actually written by Lauren. Here you become an admirer of the publisher but the actual writer is someone else.

In this article, we will give a list of the best English authors and tell you their word count limit. This can give you an idea that how much effort you have to put into polishing yourself and boost up your level.

Top English Authors

Here is the list of best English authors who were famous due to their writing styles. These writers used to write a limited amount of words. They mostly preferred to generate quality content that makes them so well-known.

Let’s dive deep and talk about these writers and their daily words count limit.

• Stephen King

Stephen King is one of the most famous English authors who always come to the top when we talk about the best writers. The daily word count limit of this top writer is 2000 words.

In a book, it is said that he sets a goal of writing 180000 words in three months. It is enough time to complete the first draft of a movie or drama. If it takes longer then it can be tough to gather the ideas and give them in the right direction.

• Jack London

Don’t tell me that you are not aware of this legendary novel writer. Although, he died at the age of forty but still he is counted on the list of the famous English writers.

He used to write 1500 words every day that was his minimum word count target. He was a classic writer so he got fame due to the extraordinary thoughts that he used to add in the lines.

• Sarah Waters

The daily word count that Sarah Waters use to write is almost 1000 words. It is not a big task for a professional writer to provide 1000 words to the readers daily.

In an interview, she said “My daily word count limit is a minimum of 1000. No matter whether the lines that I am writing are making sense or are just rubbish but I still write those 1000 words every day. And after reading those rubbish lines and working on them, I can make them understandable for a reader”.

• Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks is an American writer who works in the film industry. He writes dramas and films and is also a producer.

The daily word count limit of this legendary writer is 2000. He said to himself “this is not an unbelievable pace”. That means the daily word count limit is just ordinary for him.

• Lee Child

Lee Child is a famous British novelist. He also wrote a movie script that was featured in Tom Cruise's film. The daily word count of Lee Child was 1800 words approximately.

He said that “I write in the afternoon, from about 12 until about 6 or 7,” also he added. “I use an upstairs room as my office. Once I get going I keep at it, and it usually takes about six months from the first blank screen until the end.”

• Anne Rice

Annie Rice is an American fiction writer who writes dramas and novels. The daily word count limit of this legendary writer is about 2500 to 3000 words. Once she starts writing on a specific topic, she writes on it from morning till evening and completes the episode in a single sitting.

It is also the best practice for better results as once you start writing in a flow, there are chances that you will add some amazing lines in the content that will be relevant to your topic and can make the topic more interesting.

• Holly Black

The one must thing to keep your target set is that you have to be honest with yourself. And that’s what Holly Black always does.

She said that “I have a daily word count limit of 1000 words minimum that I have to write in every situation”. This thing not only makes you punctual but also increases the loyalty factor with your passion.

Techniques Writers Can Apply to Increase Word Count

Give Examples

The best factor that you have to consider to increase the word count is by adding examples that can explain your topic in a better way. It is an amazing technique that you can apply to the content and make it longer as much as you want.

But one thing that must be remembered is that the examples should be relevant to the content. Otherwise, they can lead to distracting your readers. 

To keep your audience engaged and make the content lengthy at the same time, you all need to add relevant examples in the text. It is also a good technique to build the interest of your readers.

Use Word Counter

By using an online word counter, you can set a target that how many words you have to add in a specific paragraph.

Suppose you are not finding a way to increase the length of your article. The work you have to do is upload the content on an online word counter and check the total number of words. It can give you an idea that how much length you need to increase or decrease for each section.

Not only this, but these tools also provide you with the number of characters and sentences that you added to the content.

Find Resources

Finding resources is the best way to increase the word count. You have to look for the relevant topics on the search engine and add the ideas that you are getting from other authors. Many writers use this tactic not only to increase the length of content but also to help them to support their points. They add lines from multiple sources to strengthen their ideas and convince the readers with their points of view.

Add Quotations

Sometimes, you like the ideas of a writer as they are also explaining your topic. So the thing that you can do here is using the same lines in your content and add quotes around the lines. It will not only increase the length of your content but also make the article trustworthy as you have added some quotations along with their sources.

It benefits the readers in a way that they can get additional knowledge from the source that you have provided along with quotations.


If you are still not able to get improvement in the word count, then storytelling is the option that will increase the length of your article.

You can add some incidents or surveys in the lines that are related to your topic and can help the readers in brainstorming.

Storytelling is also a way to increase the interest of a reader and keep him engaged till the end. So this is the technique you can apply for increasing the word count.

Final Words

To become a professional writer and get a better place among the bests, you need to seek guidance from famous authors who have worked in this field.

These writers’ word count goals and writing style can give you an idea that what you have to do with the content to make it engaging. Also, you have to follow the tips to increase the length of your article