Top 5 Reasons to Have a Word Counter in Your Tools Checklist


Saturday, 9 April 2022

Writing is essential for students, professionals, and individuals working in different sectors. For example, people studying in colleges and universities have to write assignments without crossing word limits set by instructors. Likewise, digital marketers need to comply with word limits imposed by social media platforms.

A good word counter lets you stay within prescribed word limits and help you achieve your writing goals. You don't always have to keep an out for the number of words you write. Instead, you can focus on making your write-up purposeful.

If your writing tool doesn't support word counting, it can make you feel upset. You will not have an idea about how many words you have written.

There are several reasons why you need a credible word counter. Let's check out the five important ones.

1. It makes you a controlled writer

A writer is not supposed to go wild while writing something. Every write-up should be developed smoothly in a controlled manner because a strong writer always has complete control over his writing skills. He can describe a specific concept concisely without spreading content to several pages.

Unfortunately, not many people can write orderly while watching the word count limits. They often go beyond the specified word limits, eventually leaving a wrong impression on readers and teachers. Their work seems a mere effort to increase the total word count.

An authentic word counter tool plays its part in making you a well-organized and controlled writer. It allows you to keep track of whatever you write without crossing word limits.

A word counter lets you track how many words you have written in the introduction, body, and conclusion. In this way, you can better manage your documents and avoid writing meaningless stuff.

2. Your website copy shines

Quality should be the core focus of a writer while writing content for a website. Google and other search engines value sites that are loaded with purposeful content. When analyzing a site's copy, word count can't be separated from quality factors. Indeed, it's one of the most significant elements you should consider.

The text length should be appropriate for categories, pages, blogs, and short blocks. Usually, Google recommends a specific number of words for a webpage to rank better. If you write less than that, nothing extraordinary will happen regarding improved search rankings.

If you want your website to appear in top search results and extract the maximum SEO juice, you must meet text length goals. A word counter is a solution to achieve such objectives. You can write the exact number of words that a particular webpage needs to rank better in Google.

There could be instances when the CMS (content management system) you are using doesn't include a built-in words counter. However, you can count on a reliable word counter in such a situation. As a result, you will be able to write the correct number of words for each section of your website. 

3. Improves your social media posts

For your social media posts to look just perfect, you have to observe the text length. If you do not take care of the word count, the chances are that the text on your posts might be truncated because of exceeding the character limit.

According to the latest news, Facebook currently allows 63,206 characters on posts. As far as Instagram is concerned, the character limit is 2,200 characters. Twitter allows a maximum of 280 characters. It means each of these social media giants allows a specific number of words to appear on each post. You are not allowed to go beyond that particular limit.

Keeping the above limits in mind, you have to write the best social media post. If you ignore these considerations, you will never achieve your social media marketing goals.

An online word counter is an optimum solution to keep your social media posts under prescribed limits. You can easily track the word count you have written for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media channels.

4. Allows you to write for average readers

Every write-up is meant to be read by readers. That's why it needs to be clean, clear and written according to the audience's level of understanding. A document should not include facts or information that is hard to understand. Try to make everything as plain as possible so that even a layperson can understand whatever you are trying to explain.

A word counter tool allows you to keep your writing in a frame. For instance, you write a thousand-word article on a specific subject. Dividing it into different sections can make it more clearly understood. In addition, you can write headings and subheadings where appropriate. A word counter will help you maintain a good balance of words under each section.

5. Sets the perfect length for papers

So you have been asked to write an assignment that needs to be under a given word limit. How would you track the exact word count if your writing platform doesn't support this feature? A good essay word counter can let you know how many words your paper contains.

You can keep your assignment under the prescribed word limit by knowing this. Although it is okay if your document goes slightly beyond the given word limit, following the instructions is advisable and should be your top priority. Try to cover your topic while staying under the limit.