How Does Word Counter Help Writers to Work More Conveniently?


Saturday, 9 April 2022

In today’s article, we are going to tell you the importance of an online word counter. Most writers think of it as a boring tool but word counter has actually more advantages than you think. It provides multiple features to the users that can even help in optimizing the content. 

This tool tells the number of words and characters along with the density of keywords. So, users can see the percentage of specific words added in the article.

The Era of Word Count

No matter if you are a professional writer or just in an initial stage, you have to focus on the word count limit because we are living in the age of word count. From social media content to academic writing you are asked to present your thoughts in limited words.

Let’s talk about each of them in detail to make it more clear for the readers. 

  • Instagram allows uploading 2200 characters in a single post. That means you can’t share your thoughts in lengthy lines.

  • On Twitter, you have to cover up your message within 280 words. You have to be precise and to the point.

  • To get better rankings on the search engine you have to deliver your message more shortly and effectively. So, here again, you have to come up with the most engaging lines.

  • In academic writing i.e., a person who is completing the assignment has to cover it in limited words.

Why is Word Count Important?

So, the question in every reader's mind is why word count is so important. Many writers believe that they can up rank on the search engine even with the lengthy article.

But the factor behind it is that you have to make too much effort for ranking such content.

You need to ensure that you are not adding irrelevant lines and making that lengthy content grammatically perfect. Here if you make some mistake, you will definitely face the consequences and lose the rankings. This will result in wasting your time and efforts.

To get better outcomes and keep your conversation to the point, you can simply set a word count target. This will power you to cover the topic within the limited words with useful information.

Now you will keep the lines to the point and try to reduce the storytelling part in the article. This will directly lead to generating content that the audience will love to read.

How Can Word Count Be Organized in the Blog?

This is not a difficult task to get a grip on the content of the limited words. The only thing you have to do is make the sections of your articles and set the target words for each one.

Once you are done with writing the content, the next thing that you have to do is check the keywords density in the content.

But doing this task manually is a time-taking process. Isn’t it? To make the workflow fast and get to all the details you can get help from the word counter online. When a user uploads the content in the tool, it provides all the details including keywords, sentences, paragraphs, and characters.

Let’s get into the details and talk about the features by which writers can make their work fast and make it SEO-friendly.


Here are some of the best characteristics of a word counter that users can avail of to make the content optimized.

• Total Words in the Content

By putting the content in this online tool, users can easily get to know how many words they have added to the article.

A writer looking to write limited content will focus on the word count and quality at the same time. So, this tool is amazing in this aspect.

• Tell Characters in the Content

When a user uploads the content in a word counter, it also counts the total characters present in the article.

• Sentences

This online tool also tells the total sentences present in the blog. This makes it easy for the writers to keep an eye on the content structure.

• Show Keyword Density

This is the best thing that users can get from an online word counter. It shows the density of each keyword and how many times a word is used in the content.

Bottom Lines

To get more traffic on the page and effectively convince the readers, you need to keep the content comprehensive. That means you have to deliver the message shortly and descriptively. To make the content words limited, you can get help from the online character counter.

This tool tells you all the necessary perspectives like characters, sentences, and keywords density. Writers can get help from these online tools to keep their content short and to the point.