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What is a Word Counter?

Word counter is an online tool that calculates the total number of words and characters in your text. It does that in real-time to help you count words and stay within the required limit.

Social platforms and content publishing websites set a certain limit on your comment or post in terms of the number of characters. These online platforms automatically truncate the extra text, which disturbs the context, and makes it incomprehensible. An online word counter is an ultimate solution to this issue.

It helps the writers, bloggers, students, educationists, and general users to meet their respective word count needs.


How to Use the Word Counter Tool?

Counting words is easy with this user-friendly and simplest tool.

  • Simply write or copy & paste the text into the text box
  • It will automatically calculate the number of words, characters, letters, sentences, and word density.
  • The results will be changed as you will change the text
  • Our online word count tool allows you to change text size and text style by using the buttons on the left
  • Click on the "Grammar Check" button to highlight the grammatical mistakes in your text and make it 100% grammatically correct.

Who Can Use the Word Counter?

Everyone can use this free word counter, especially people who need to stay within a specified text limit.

Digital marketers and SEO experts use word counter online to write post titles, descriptions, blog posts, and other write-ups within the character and word limits.

Students can count their assignments and essay's word count online and make them grammatically perfect with our free grammar checker.

Word-counter.io is the best word counter for writers to stay within their word limit goals and help them make their content free of grammatical errors.


Does Word-Counter.io Work on All Operating Systems?

It works on all operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android, and IOS.

However, you will need a web browser and an internet connection to make it work. Once you land on the word counter tool, it is ready to roll. The online sentence counter works on all the latest browsers, and you do not need to sign-up, sign in or install anything to use this word counter online.

Benefits of Using an Online Word Counter Tool

Word count has become an essential component of online writing. Various famous social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Google prefer quality over quantity. It is challenging to share a story or explain something when word/character limits bind you.

For example, Facebook allows 2000 characters, Twitter posts need to be less than 280 characters, and Instagram also has a set limit of 2200 characters.

If you start writing in the field of word count checker or copy/paste any text, you can start modifying it while keeping your word count in check.

Our word counter can also be used to change the text style, size, and solve your text's grammatical errors.

Customizing Text with This Free Word Counter Tool

Along with counting words, the tool has multiple text formatting options. For example, you can select different font styles and change their size. These options can help you modify the text according to your requirements if you use plain text.

Pages by Word Counter?

Word Count single spaced double spaced Font Size
250 Words 1/2 Page 1 Page 12 Point
500 Words 2/2 Page 2 Page 12 Point
750 Words 3/2 Page 3 Page 12 Point
1000 Words 4/2 Page 4 Page 12 Point
1250 Words 5/2 Page 5 Page 12 Point
1500 Words 6/2 Page 6 Page 12 Point
1750 Words 7/2 Page 7 Page 12 Point
2000 Words 8/2 Page 8 Page 12 Point
2250 Words 9/2 Page 9 Page 12 Point
2500 Words 10/2 Page 10 Page 12 Point

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